Wells Fargo Bank, Madison Branch

Name:Wells Fargo Bank, Madison Branch
Full Service Brick and Mortar Office
Review:815 client reviews
Location:200 W Base St
Madison, FL 32340

Madison County
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Office Hours:Mon: 09:00 to 16:00
Tue: 09:00 to 16:00
Wed: 09:00 to 16:00
Thu: 09:00 to 16:00
Fri: 09:00 to 18:00
Branch Deposit:$40,087,000
FDIC Cert:#3511

The Bank

Name:Wells Fargo Bank
Concentration:All Other Specialization > 1 Billion
FDIC Insurance:1934-01-01
Holden By:Wells Fargo & Company
Charter Class:Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
# of Branches:6230, view all, view on map
Total Assets:$1,699,435,000,000
Total Deposits:$1,293,485,000,000
Total Equity Capital:$158,063,000,000
Total Domestic Office Deposits:$1,145,337,000,000
Net Income:$9,839,000,000
Quarterly Net Income:$5,097,000,000
Return on Assets:1%
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%
Return on Equity:13%
Quarterly Return on Equity:13%

Client Review

815 client reviews of Wells Fargo Bank scored 2 out of 5.

Identity Thieves Working At WELLS FARGO locations Coast to Coast! We were victimized!
Overall Rating
Interest Rate and Cost
Office Environment & Staff
Waiting Time
Other Services
by IDTheftReport2020, Oct. 22, 2016

From California to Florida WELLS FARGO has a huge problem with employees who are identity thieves. In Port St Lucie Florida our friend Mary Ann Schoens went through hell after Marland Anderson stole her identity and emptied out her account. She was in her late 70's and the stress from the event was horrible; in fact she died a short time after the WELLS FARGO thief who pretended to help her when she went into the branch location where Marland worked. Instead he stole her identity and several other customers and created duplicate debit cards illegally used them to access cash from ATMs! Marland was caught on video taking the cash using the fraudulently created cards. He was arrested - convicted and went to jail. Lots of the 5300 employees WELLS FARGO CEO John Stumpf talked about firing when he was in front of the Senate and House hearings investigating WELLS FARGO were actually identity thieves!! No wonder John Stumpf did not want to discuss it but many of them can be seen at IDTheftReport2020,including Marland Anderson. Bank of America has a huge problem with employees like Mario Elizondo stealing customers identities. Elizondo worked at CEO Brian Moynihan's Bank of America Chicago branch location called the Six Corners Bank of America on Irving Park. Like Marland Anderson, Mario Elizondo created bogus debit cards from the identities of senior citizens he stole and then emptied out their accounts! Mario Elizondo even used the funds for extravagant travel like the trip to Barcelona Spain and Mykonos Greece that he took his lover Jorge Cadenas -also a veteran identity thief - on during August 2016! There are thousands of victims in these cases which are usually at the megabanks rather than community banks.Bank of America was never even aware that Elizondo, a veteran Bank of America employees, was ripping off customers. It was only through a tremendous amount of investigative effort by IDTheftReport2020 associates that led to Mario Elizondo as being the perpetrator. Bank of America denied the claim of the Chicago senior when they conducted their so-called bogus investigation and told the victim he was the person their investigators said was responsible! That was completely unacceptable and ultimately untrue. The victims account was an untouched Roth IRA account which Elizondo attached a checking account to and then the bogus temporary VISA ATM card. BEWARE IN DEALING WITH BOTH WELLS FARGO AND BANK OF AMERICA! Many more details can be viewed at IDTheftReport2020.

* this reviewer has be with this bank for 3 - 10 years
* this reviewer had 3 - 5 banks before.
* this review was made on Wells Fargo Bank, Schaumburg Branch at Schaumburg, IL
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I love this brach!
Overall Rating
Interest Rate and Cost
Office Environment & Staff
Waiting Time
Other Services
by LauraT1, Oct. 17, 2016

Okay for all of you people complaining about the chit chat whatever. I love the fact they they remember my name and talk to me during my transactions there. I'm from NC all of my life an the Brier Creek branch reminds me of days gone by when people actually kept up with each other. I wouldn't trade the atmosphere there and particularly in the drive thru. I make it a point to go to there because of the warmth I feel doing biz there.

* this reviewer has be with this bank for >10 years
* this reviewer had 1 - 2 banks before.
* this review was made on Wells Fargo Bank, Brier Creek Branch at Raleigh, NC
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where to start with this bank?!
Overall Rating
Interest Rate and Cost
Office Environment & Staff
Waiting Time
Other Services
by fefebeth, Oct. 04, 2016

 this bank is scammers they are so quick to accuse people of doing wrong and will lock your account up with no warnings or written notice. do not mess with this bank im telling you! I have dault with them in the past and each time I regret ever dealing with them!I'm 31 years old and i have four kids and a teen. I hate when I'm treated like a child because of my looks and voice.  People assume I'm a very young adult and not in a good way, but I let them just to see how far they will go and to see what kind of person they are. well this younger banker basically tried to accuse me of planning a scheme with my debit card by the way don't even have my name on it. she went on and on about how they fix it to were the scam couldn't be done anymore. my whole thing is she was so worried about me and other folks when the fact of the matter they was on the world news for scamming their customers and opening accounts in people names just to make it look like they were meeting sales. but anyhow this young banker had the nerve to ask for my log in information and not only that ask me what was my source of income and ask if I was planning to do direct deposit with them and i told her yea. but ofcourse by law the bank isn't allowed to set up direct deposit without me filling out a form I honestly don't know how she did it but she did it she cancelled out my direct deposit with my other bank and set up the direct deposit with their bank I was waiting and waiting on my money to post I thought my other bank was holding my funds. I was going off on them like crazy because I missing almost 700 dollars in my account and i started getting a feeling like what if somehow wellsfargo had It sent to them and sure enough I got a message saying my direct deposit has posted. do you have any ideal how stupid I felt going off on my other bank accusing them if stealing my money and sending them emails and calling them I swear I'm not letting this crap go! this was pure fraud and i have solid proff thank god this may not seem like a big deal to you but to me it Is. that is just creepy for someone to call with your personal information pretending to be you or even signing your signature to get what they want. my entire day was taken up today because of this crap and not only that I tried to close my account out and they wouldn't do it I wasn't negative or nothing didn't owe them crap tell me why when i went to the bank to pull my money out from the direct deposit they setup they tried to tell me i couldn't get it out ofcourse after a good 25min they came off it and I told them my account should've been closed.and i also said my money wasn't never suppose to come here to begin with. I didn't tell any of you to setup direct deposit for me and then I said again I want Thus account closed.well the next day I logged in my account to make sure nothing was going on but sure enough my direct deposit that I withdrawn they made it disappear like it was never their now I owe them like 659.07 and when i called they tried to say they sent my money back because my account was closed at that Time but it's not even closed so that was another lie and the 2nd lie they said was I have to pay the money back. thats one thing I hate about wellsfargo they know how to make transactions disappear. but they messed with the right women I'm sueing them for emotional distress and finacial distress because I was late getting paid because of them and the stress they caused me of not knowing were my money was for six days was wrong. like I said I have kids to take care of and I'm pregnant all this unnesserary stress and also they lied about a check I deposited last month they said it was counterfeit when that wasn't the case and i have prof of that as well I never deault with so much bs in such a short period of time in my life with a bank I can't believe they took a chance of lossing their job over something so silly all I know is you can't do harm to me it's splitting a pole or crossing a paths with a black cat you jenxs yourself for nothing!!!

* this reviewer has be with this bank for <6 months
* this reviewer had 3 - 5 banks before.
* this review was made on Wells Fargo Bank, Canterbury Branch at Fort Wayne, IN
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