All Florida Banks

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Wells Fargo Bank636 branchesBank of America576 branchesSunTrust Bank477 branchesJPMorgan Chase Bank401 branchesRegions Bank326 branchesBranch Banking and Trust Company320 branchesPNC Bank194 branchesFifth Third Bank158 branchesTD Bank154 branchesBankUnited96 branchesCenterState Bank of Florida83 branchesCentennial Bank71 branchesSeacoast National Bank63 branchesIberiabank59 branchesCitibank55 branchesCapital City Bank52 branchesTrustCo Bank51 branchesSynovus Bank50 branchesFlorida Community Bank49 branchesAmeris Bank48 branchesBank of the Ozarks46 branchesCompass Bank45 branchesWhitney Bank44 branchesHarbor Community Bank42 branchesValley National Bank39 branchesCapital Bank Corporation35 branchesStonegate Bank33 branchesSabadell United Bank29 branchesThe Northern Trust Company27 branchesNew York Community Bank26 branchesCity National Bank of Florida26 branchesOcean Bank22 branchesAxiom Bank21 branchesTotalBank19 branchesBMO Harris Bank19 branchesSunshine Bank19 branchesCadence Bank, N.A.18 branchesFidelity Bank18 branchesFirst-Citizens Bank & Trust Company18 branchesMERCANTIL BANK18 branchesU. S. Century Bank17 branchesHSBC Bank USA17 branchesThird Federal Savings and Loan Association of Cleveland17 branchesAmerican Momentum Bank16 branchesFirst Federal Bank of Florida16 branchesDrummond Community Bank15 branchesPeoplesSouth Bank15 branchesUSAmeriBank14 branchesTrustmark National Bank14 branchesSeaside National Bank & Trust14 branchesUnited Southern Bank13 branchesHomeBanc13 branchesCitizens Bank and Trust13 branchesFirstBank Puerto Rico13 branchesEverBank13 branchesBRANNEN BANK12 branchesNational Bank of Commerce12 branchesFirst State Bank of the Florida Keys12 branchesBeach Community Bank11 branchesCommunity Bank and Trust of Florida11 branchesCitizens First Bank11 branchesFNBT BANK11 branchesThe Bank of Tampa10 branchesBanco Popular North America10 branchesFirst Green Bank10 branchesFineMark National Bank & Trust9 branchesFlorida Capital Bank8 branchesThe Oculina Bank8 branchesFirstAtlantic Bank8 branchesAtlantic Coast Bank8 branchesComerica Bank7 branchesBanco do Brasil Americas7 branchesFirst Florida Integrity Bank7 branchesWauchula State Bank7 branchesCharlotte State Bank & Trust7 branchesSanibel Captiva Community Bank7 branchesApollo Bank7 branchesGibraltar Private Bank & Trust Co.7 branchesEncore Bank6 branchesLiberty Savings Bank, F.S.B.6 branchesJefferson Bank of Florida6 branchesRepublic Bank & Trust Company6 branchesCBC NATIONAL BANK6 branchesMainstreet Community Bank of Florida6 branchesBNY Mellon6 branchesFirst Bank6 branchesContinental National Bank6 branchesRenasant Bank6 branchesSunshine Community Bank5 branchesLegacy Bank of Florida5 branchesFarmers & Merchants Bank5 branchesColumbia Bank5 branchesFloridian Community Bank, Inc.5 branchesPilot Bank5 branchesBusey Bank5 branchesAcademy Bank5 branchesFirst Florida Bank5 branchesEastern National Bank5 branchesCitizens Bank of Florida5 branchesFirst Citrus Bank5 branchesThe First National Bank of South Miami5 branchesBiscayne Bank5 branchesIntercredit Bank5 branchesFirst American Bank5 branchesCoconut Grove Bank5 branchesInteramerican Bank, A FSB5 branchesThe First, A National Banking Association5 branchesWilmington Trust4 branchesDesjardins Bank4 branchesCrescent Bank & Trust4 branchesBank of Central Florida4 branchesCitizens State Bank4 branchesHeartland National Bank4 branchesGulf Coast Bank and Trust Company4 branchesLafayette State Bank4 branchesGulfshore Bank4 branchesThe First National Bank of Mount Dora4 branchesInternational Finance Bank4 branchesPatriot Bank4 branchesPalm Beach Community Bank4 branchesExecutive National Bank4 branchesBanesco USA4 branchesEnglewood Bank & Trust4 branchesAmerasia Bank4 branchesEdison National Bank4 branchesSummit Bank4 branchesMarine Bank & Trust Company3 branchesSabal Palm Bank3 branchesFreedom Bank3 branchesCommunity Bank, Coast3 branchesParadise Bank3 branchesMackinac Savings Bank, F.S.B.3 branchesBeal Bank USA3 branchesSunstate Bank3 branchesFirst Home Bank3 branchesStearns Bank3 branchesPreferred Community Bank3 branchesCommunity Bank of the South3 branchesFriends Bank3 branchesOptimumBank3 branchesFlagship Community Bank3 branchesNatbank3 branchesTransCapital Bank3 branchesPremier Community Bank of Florida3 branchesMutual of Omaha Bank3 branchesPeoples National Bank3 branchesThe First State Bank of Arcadia3 branchesCharterBank3 branchesFirst National Bank of Pasco3 branchesIntracoastal Bank3 branchesPrime Meridian Bank3 branchesTerrabank3 branchesWoodforest National Bank3 branchesUnited Bank3 branchesKeyBank3 branchesSurety Bank3 branchesNorthStar Bank3 branchesFirst National Bank Northwest Florida2 branchesMarquis Bank2 branchesMidWestOne Bank2 branchesSafra National Bank of New York2 branchesU.S. Bank2 branchesSunrise Bank2 branchesServisFirst Bank2 branchesBank of Pensacola2 branchesAnchor Commercial Bank2 branchesMidSouth Bank2 branchesFirst Bank of the Palm Beaches2 branchesProfessional Bank2 branchesPacific National Bank2 branchesAnthem Bank & Trust2 branchesFirstCity Bank of Commerce2 branchesHillsboro Bank2 branchesCommunity State Bank2 branchesThe Warrington Bank2 branchesPinnacle Bank2 branchesFirst City Bank of Florida2 branchesSmartBank2 branchesCCB Community Bank2 branchesFidelity Bank of Florida2 branchesBank of the South2 branchesSoutheastern Bank2 branchesFLAGLER BANK2 branchesPeoples State Bank2 branchesManufacturers and Traders Trust Company1 branchUnion State Bank1 branchAtlantic Trust Company1 branchFirst Republic Bank1 branchFirst Partners Bank1 branchFirst Tennessee Bank1 branchFirst Colony Bank of Florida1 branchThe Huntington National Bank1 branchArmed Forces Bank1 branchCentral Bank1 branchOne South Bank1 branch1st Source Bank1 branchFirst National Bank of Wauchula1 branchBank of Belle Glade1 branchPeoples Bank of Graceville1 branchSoutheast First National Bank1 branchBank Leumi USA1 branchIsrael Discount Bank of New York1 branchUnited Fidelity Bank, fsb1 branchAmerican National Bank1 branchBrickell Bank1 branchFirst American Trust, FSB1 branchFirst National Banker's Bank1 branchInteraudi Bank1 branchBAC Florida Bank1 branchOneUnited Bank1 branchThe Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company1 branchUnited Midwest Savings Bank1 branchBeal Bank, SSB1 branchHelm Bank USA1 branchAmerican Commerce Bank1 branchBancorpSouth Bank1 branchMembers Trust Company1 branchCommerce National Bank & Trust1 branchIntercontinental Bank1 branchPineland Bank1 branchPlus International Bank1 branchCentury Bank of Florida1 branchFlorida Business Bank1 branchMadison County Community Bank1 branchDelta National Bank and Trust Company1 branchHome Federal Bank of Hollywood1 branchTCM Bank1 branchRaymond James Bank1 branchFirst Bank and Trust1 branchModern Bank1 branch